The 5th generation of the legendary Ninja is here!

The Ninja cooler series is very unique. It has been twelve years since the introduction of the first model. Even after such a long time, the Japanese company constantly enhances its original design and increases its efficiency. After four successful generations, they are releasing the fifth Ninja. Modestly, without fanfare and any drama, the way they always do. All the more appealing surprise. Read more “The 5th generation of the legendary Ninja is here!” »

ASRock Mini-STX boards for AMD processors?

We like small computers, so we are delighted with the Mini-STX format which represents boards that are even smaller than Mini-ITX but still with “full-fledged“ processors. Mini-STX does not allow the use of external graphics cards, making AMD processors with their relatively strong iGPU an interesting choice. Mini-STX boards have not been produced for them yet, but it looks like ASRock is about to change that. Read more “ASRock Mini-STX boards for AMD processors?” »

HDPLEX H3 V3: a small Mini-ITX case that can cool 80 W passively

HDPLEX cases have a pretty good reputation among supporters of completely silent passive PCs. For several years, this company has been producing various solid aluminum cases in which cooling is based on the heat transfer from CPU or GPU to the outer casing that disperses it around. Now HDPLEX has released an interesting piece: H3 V2 for Mini-ITX configurations. Read more “HDPLEX H3 V3: a small Mini-ITX case that can cool 80 W passively” »

Ryzen iGPU and the return of thermal compounds

AMD has released the first Ryzen desktop processors with iGPU this week. APU Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G could be attractive for compact computers because it’s easier to cool a single heat source than to cool both CPU and GPU, and the integrated graphics cards of these processors should have performance equal to GeForce GT 1030. However, it also means that the old enemy has returned, thermal compounds. Read more “Ryzen iGPU and the return of thermal compounds” »

FSP power supply with a liquid cooling: fanless up to 700 W

Basically everything in your computer can be now cooled not only by air but also by a liquid – there are blocks for CPU, graphics cards, memory modules, and even SSD. Only power supplies stood out for a long time as components which must have a fan. Times are about to change. The company FSP is releasing a power supply that can be cooled trough a liquid cooling circuit. Read more “FSP power supply with a liquid cooling: fanless up to 700 W” »

There is no Mini-ITX for Threadripper, but there is MicroATX already

There is something appealing about the possibility of taking the fastest hardware that exists in the PC world and putting it in the smallest case possible rather than using conventional tower case. We have seen this with X299E-ITX/ac mini-ITX board for Skylake-X processors. We probably won’t witness a similar scenario for Ryzen Threadripper, because of the size of the socket, but there is a new MicroATX model at least. Read more “There is no Mini-ITX for Threadripper, but there is MicroATX already” »

We have new precious guests: Fuma rev. B and Mugen 5 rev. B

We have finally acquired samples of the current models of Scythe processor coolers which have ambitions to be crowned in the upper middle class. They proved their dominance several times in this segment. We always pay special attention to exceptional components and we gladly do some extra tests outside our classic procedures. In this “preview”, you can let us know what exactly it should be. Read more “We have new precious guests: Fuma rev. B and Mugen 5 rev. B” »

Competition – Winter 2017: The winners + thanks!

Here are the results. And this time without any testing of hardware. We have analysed your effort and chosen the winner whose contribution was the best. Also, there are three lucky persons that were randomly selected. Others who participated will have another chance to win something very soon, we promise. A big thanks to everybody for the support (also to people that did not participate in the competition)! Read more “Competition – Winter 2017: The winners + thanks!” »