About us

Magazine HWCooling deals with computer hardware. On a daily basis, we write about the latest news concerning components, but also complete PC setups, laptops and peripherals. In addition to news, we also perform tests. These are based on detailed methodologies. We are of the opinion that if you test something and draw conclusions, it should be done precisely, in a unique way and thoroughly. Sometimes even 50 fully-loaded chapters are not enough for a proper analysis.

We have several calibrated devices in the test lab for exact and accurate measurements, including a thermal camera, sound level meters and a power meter of our own production. We use it to monitor the electric energy consumption directly on the PCI Express slot.

In general, we rely on a factual and objective data interpretation. We are immune to marketing phrases or diverting attention to unimportant things (at the expense of the essential ones). Our goal is to prepare valuable materials for readers, which in their form exceed the quality standards of today.

In our articles, we often put emphasis on cooling issues (hence HWCooling). We are the only medium that believes that even today it makes sense to test fans properly. In addition to the basic specifications (airflow, static pressure, noise level and consumption), we also measure vibrations or motor power in our editorial wind tunnel intended for the fans.

Editorial awards and their award system

The tested products usually receive one of the four awards, which best describes them. Usually, it is the “Approved” award for products without serious shortcomings, but they do not offer excellent price/performance ratio, nor are they the top of the line.

For an exceptionally good price/performance ratio, the tested product receives the “Smart buy!” award. On the other hand, for pieces that are no longer so affordable, but the high price for first-class quality is their biggest downside, we have the “Top-notch” award. Hardware products of poor quality and/or performance you should avoid are given a negative sticker “Stay away!”.

If a product award is missing, it means that the product is in some way contradictory, meaning it has a more significant shortcoming. As a result, it does not meet the criteria for winning the “Approved” award, but at the same time it has many positive qualities and “Stay away!” would be too unfair.

The award logos above are optimized especially for dark backgrounds (they have a white glow around them), for light backgrounds there are more suitable variants available for download at: Approved, Smart buy!, Top-notch a Stay-away!.

Warning: Linking these logos to products we haven’t awarded is prohibited. Otherwise, that is to say, when they are acquired legitimately, they may, at your discretion, be used for any purpose.