Alphacool introduces the “Core” series of high-speed fans

Six new models, with the slowest capping at 2,000 rpm and the fastest up to 4,000 rpm. It’s a mix of 120 and 140-millimeter fans, where with the larger format Alphacool reached for differently modeled rotors. This is also with a view to ensuring that a fan this fast and relatively large can operate at all at reasonably low vibration. Among Alphacool’s new products is therefore a fan with more robust blades as well. Read more “Alphacool introduces the “Core” series of high-speed fans” »

DeepCool FC120: Big ARGB blades in a “small” cross-section

The biggest advantage, but at the same time the biggest disadvantage of the DeepCool FC120 fan are its long and overall large blades, whose area exceeds that of competing models. Among illuminated fans, this one represents one of the most efficient solutions with ARGB LEDs, in optimal conditions. However, it is important to notice its downsides, which are a side effect of the chosen rotor design. Read more “DeepCool FC120: Big ARGB blades in a “small” cross-section” »

Nidec Servo Gentle Typhoon D1225C won’t lose to just any

Wondering how the Gentle Typhoon D1225C, the originator of the efficiently shaped rotor, is stacking up against much newer fans today? Very well. Outside the band of the most intense vibrations with annoying resonant frequencies, even from today’s perspective this fan has a top performance-to-noise ratio. In some ways it is even still unsurpassed, and the designers of the time built on strong physical foundations. Read more “Nidec Servo Gentle Typhoon D1225C won’t lose to just any” »

Noctua has frames (NA-IS1) to reduce microturbulence

Simple but clever. The Noctua NA-IS1-1x supplementary frames are an extension to the existing fan frames, which provide greater clearance from an obstacle, thus mitigating microturbulence, which naturally reduces the noise level of the entire cooling system. To what extent, you’ll find out later from our tests, for now let’s take a look at what it’s actually all about and how it all works. Read more “Noctua has frames (NA-IS1) to reduce microturbulence” »

Gentle Typhoon’s high vibrations resemble SilverStone’s sins

We come to the analysis of a fan that even if it dates back to cooling prehistory, many manufacturers are only now discovering the aerodynamic qualities of its design. Although the Gentle Typhoon is a great inspiration to many manufacturers (including Noctua), it does have one weakness. And a rather fundamental one. It is very high, excessive vibrations, which we will unusually devote a separate test to. Read more “Gentle Typhoon’s high vibrations resemble SilverStone’s sins” »

HWCooling tips to optimize the Noctua NF-A12x25 fan

The Noctua NF-A12x25 fan may be the closest to perfection of the 120mm fans, but even the best things have their weaknesses. This will be no exception and there are elements of the NF-A12x25 that make sense to get into. And that this is true, Noctua will prove sooner or later in the next generation of 120 mm fans. But we’ll discuss the topic of what exactly to tweak, to do neater, right now.. Read more “HWCooling tips to optimize the Noctua NF-A12x25 fan” »

BeQuiet! Shadow Wings 2 (BL085): A cheaper option

With the addition of the Shadow Wings 2 tests, you now have a full overview of the features of all unlit BeQuiet! fans in 120 mm format. Shadow Wings 2 is between Silent Wings 3 and Pure Wings 2 in terms of both price and design. In terms of efficiency, they are closer to the more expensive Silent Wings 3 and in certain situations they give top-notch results. Given the lower price, this can be a very attractive option, but there are some things to look out for. Read more “BeQuiet! Shadow Wings 2 (BL085): A cheaper option” »

The very first LCP fans with LEDs are from Thermaltake

Until now, no fans with ARGB LEDs have been made from liquid crystal polymers. Now, the Toughfan 12 RGB and Toughfan 14 RGB are changing that. And since the aerodynamic performance is heavily dependent on the rigidity of the blades, especially in restrictive environments, Thermaltake’s rendition will be some of the most efficient flashy fans overall. If not the most efficient, the Toughfans have the geometry for it. Read more “The very first LCP fans with LEDs are from Thermaltake” »

Noctua’s current roadmap: 140mm “sterroxes” later this year

Noctua has announced a new release schedule for its products. And within it, the main question was this – Did the new generation of 140mm fans stay in the fourth quarter of 2022? It did. Given the more advanced time (towards the end of the year), it is thus likely that 140mm fans made from improved LCP from sterrox are right around the corner. Noctua also needs them for the successor to the NH-D15 cooler, which is due out just after them. Read more “Noctua’s current roadmap: 140mm “sterroxes” later this year” »

The new Aeolus (M3) Gamdias has BeQuiet! features but only half

Although Gamdias is not one of the brands that are characterized by fans, it has a few of them to its name. However, there are some changes from one generation to the next, with which it obviously wants to achieve higher efficiency, higher airflow at the same noise level. It is therefore commendable that, in addition to the aesthetic additions, the development of the Aoelus M3 ARGB fan has placed particular emphasis on aerodynamic properties. Read more “The new Aeolus (M3) Gamdias has BeQuiet! features but only half” »

Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM: The most fine-tuned fan of its kind

All the glory and respect of the Noctua NF-A12x25 “sterrox” fan is well deserved. We waited a long time to release its tests, mainly because it was necessary to analyze more seemingly similar designs first. This is necessary to understand why Noctua’s most popular fan among standard thickness models has no competition. We can responsibly say that even though we have only tested a fraction of all the fans. Read more “Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM: The most fine-tuned fan of its kind” »

Adata is not afraid, they gave the XPG Hurricane holey blades

These are truly unconventional fans. While the rotor shapes tend to vary across different models, in different materials, the XPG Hurricane design clearly stands out among the rest. They have sort of dual blades and prominent protrusions and, imagine, some sort of openings as well. Overall, the shape of the blades is more complex and it is not a typical quadrilateral geometry either. How can this possibly work? Read more “Adata is not afraid, they gave the XPG Hurricane holey blades” »

When color matters: Corsair AF120 Elite weaker in white

It’s not a joke. It may sound silly, but know that we are not presenting you with anti-physics. On the contrary, the foundation in physics here is very good. Different colors of materials, as long as they are not just a surface finish but a homogeneous mass, can (and often do) affect their strength. Our sensitive measurements reveal well the differences that exist between the white and black variants. Read more “When color matters: Corsair AF120 Elite weaker in white” »

Corsair AF120 Elite: Beware, this fan is a force to be reckoned with

You know, the less you expect from something, the bigger the surprise can be in the end. Not that we approach Corsair’s elite fan with any preconceived notions, but for an absolutely top-notch fan, its design seems a bit simple. And that’s the magic of the AF120 Elite fan. Someone who knows what they’re doing was behind its design, because they did a hell of a job. Read more “Corsair AF120 Elite: Beware, this fan is a force to be reckoned with” »

Cooler Master MasterFan SF120M: Blades must be framed

In HWCooling tests, there will no longer be uninteresting fans that serve “only” to build benchmarks. We have passed this phase. From now on, database building will have a different character and each additional fan will enrich the knowledge significantly. We’ll get right into the thick of it, with Cooler Master’s most expensive fan already riding the wave of the framed rotors that are coming in strong. And do you know why? Read more “Cooler Master MasterFan SF120M: Blades must be framed” »

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