Intel Core i7-10700K: lower digit, lower price, higher performance?

In the latest Core i9-10900K test, we found it to be great for high fps games, but the power draw, price and performance are not as good as the competition, AMD, offers. Intel still maintained its lead in games, but the 10900K is definitely not an ideal processor. If games are your priority, the alternative may be the Core i7-10700K which is actually just a redesignated and slightly modified Core i9-9900K. Read more “Intel Core i7-10700K: lower digit, lower price, higher performance?” »

Intel Core i9-10900K: The Last of the Mohicans

The 10th generation of Intel Core processors, called Comet Lake-S, is the latest iteration of Skylake and, unlike the mobile Ice Lake, is still 14 nm. However, this constant tuning of this manufacturing process has resulted in record frequencies that are specifically related to the most powerful processor currently in the LGA 1200 socket. Now the only question is whether this will be enough for the Ryzen 9 3900X. Read more “Intel Core i9-10900K: The Last of the Mohicans” »

NUC with 10nm Cannon Lake processors and Radeon GPU

Minicomputers and NUC barebones from Intel is nothing new. But this year, there will be an interesting innovation: a model with dedicated graphics card. Not in the style of high-end Hades Canyon (Kaby Lake-G with Vega GPU) of course. It’s going to be NUC with a cheaper Radeon in some classic chassis, and the price will be lower. This model will probably be one of the first computers with 10nm Intel processors – which may be related. Read more “NUC with 10nm Cannon Lake processors and Radeon GPU” »

“Modern desktop based on Mini-STX” by

It’s strange, but desktop computers have been stagnant for over twenty years. In most cases, they are still built on the ATX standard in “oversized“ towers. From a rational point of view, however, such a concept should be marginal and replaced by SFF. A traditional PC can be tiny, powerful, and silent at the same time. And its equipment does not have to limit you. Read more ““Modern desktop based on Mini-STX” by” »