How sensitive is Ninja 5 heatsink to airflow changes?

The original fans are quite slow, so it was especially fascinating to watch how the heatsink behaved with settings that are not intended for it – with a proper airflow through the ribs. Not only with both fans, but also with just one. Some results really surprised us. And the temperatures in the passive mode are very interesting too, one of the reasons why Ninja coolers have such a good reputation. Read more “How sensitive is Ninja 5 heatsink to airflow changes?” »

Scythe Ninja 5: evolution of the revolutionary predecessor

The fourth Ninja was a pleasant surprise (mainly because of its unattractive predecessor). Scythe used improved version of the first two designs, and shortly after created popular Fuma series based on Ninja 4. Fuma rev. A was the best deal for the money, although the current second version is a bit different story. Now there’s the new Ninja 5 that looks very promising. The core remains unchanged, but the cooler is bigger and stronger than before. Read more “Scythe Ninja 5: evolution of the revolutionary predecessor” »

Scythe Fuma rev. B: From a hurricane to the fanless mode

What are the best settings for Fuma? This is a question that belongs to our complementary review where we traditionally test heatsinks with reference fans. This time in two configurations, with one and with two fans. We went from really noisy settings to completely silent mode. The temperature behaviour is captured minute by minute. Let’s take a look at how this twin-tower handles passive cooling compared to top-notch coolers. Read more “Scythe Fuma rev. B: From a hurricane to the fanless mode” »

Scythe Fuma rev. B: Surprise with a big question mark

Improving production by making it cheaper is often done regardless of whether or not a particular product is doing well on the market. Scythe Fuma probably belongs to the “worse category“, which is also proved by its low availability. It seems that the manufacturer had to start to save up to maintain the production. It is no drama, but this tastes a bit bitter because the first version was the best product for its price. Read more “Scythe Fuma rev. B: Surprise with a big question mark” »

Reeven Okeanos: effective “slim” dual tower

We already know that the biggest weakness of the cooler are fans. So, we replaced them with reference models and observed the difference. This led to a remarkable comparison of Okeanos and Noctua NH-D15 heatsinks. And there are few surprises even in modes without the same fans. Let’s take a look at how Okreanos manages to cool the area around the socket, and what it really can do in passive mode. Read more “Reeven Okeanos: effective “slim” dual tower” »

D15 is elite, but there’s a room for improvement

The ideal CPU cooler should not be bigger than a matchbox, and it should handle 500 W processor without making a sound. However, this is a sci-fi, so we will have to rely on conventional solutions. Although Noctua NH-D15 is in many ways unusual, it is remarkable to see how its original elements affect the effectiveness. Read more “D15 is elite, but there’s a room for improvement” »

Arctic Freezer 33 face-to-face with SilentiumPC Fera 3 v2 (bonus)

Cooling the processor is one thing, but cooling its power supply circuit is another. How will the coolers handle this task? We specially focused on testing the heatsinks with Noctua reference fans. Notably, the weird Freezer had some real difficulties. We know where the problem is. We made some tests without fans too, and on this occasion we decided to include top-notch passive cooler Zalman FX70. Read more “Arctic Freezer 33 face-to-face with SilentiumPC Fera 3 v2 (bonus)” »