Years of development and new Noctua fans made of Sterrox

There is probably no such thing as a dominant company in the world of cooling. But if we talk just about fans, Noctua is close enough. Their fans with characteristic brown rotors are relatively expensive but also generally considered to be a quality standard. Now, this Austrian company introduced a new generation that promises big changes. Read more “Years of development and new Noctua fans made of Sterrox” »

Ryzen processors with iGPU and 35W TDP

For computers with a low consumption, and even more for passive configurations, it is good to have a processor with reduced TDP, ideally 35 W or lower. Intel have such models on the market (T models), but they are still missing in AMD’s offer, at least among their new Zen CPUs. This is about to change with the arrival of new Ryzen (4 cores + iGPU) based on APU Raven Ridge. Read more “Ryzen processors with iGPU and 35W TDP” »

NUC with 10nm Cannon Lake processors and Radeon GPU

Minicomputers and NUC barebones from Intel is nothing new. But this year, there will be an interesting innovation: a model with dedicated graphics card. Not in the style of high-end Hades Canyon (Kaby Lake-G with Vega GPU) of course. It’s going to be NUC with a cheaper Radeon in some classic chassis, and the price will be lower. This model will probably be one of the first computers with 10nm Intel processors – which may be related. Read more “NUC with 10nm Cannon Lake processors and Radeon GPU” »

Ncore V1: water block for processors without a heatspreader

There’s a new speciality for fans of liquid cooling and Intel processors: a water block created for delided CPUs. You may have already thought about a liquid cooler that would be installed directly on-die. Arek Tobiszewski has designed a block for this purpose, its very base serve as a heatspreader for LGA 1151 processors. Read more “Ncore V1: water block for processors without a heatspreader” »

ASRock Mini-STX boards for AMD processors?

We like small computers, so we are delighted with the Mini-STX format which represents boards that are even smaller than Mini-ITX but still with “full-fledged“ processors. Mini-STX does not allow the use of external graphics cards, making AMD processors with their relatively strong iGPU an interesting choice. Mini-STX boards have not been produced for them yet, but it looks like ASRock is about to change that. Read more “ASRock Mini-STX boards for AMD processors?” »

HDPLEX H3 V3: a small Mini-ITX case that can cool 80 W passively

HDPLEX cases have a pretty good reputation among supporters of completely silent passive PCs. For several years, this company has been producing various solid aluminum cases in which cooling is based on the heat transfer from CPU or GPU to the outer casing that disperses it around. Now HDPLEX has released an interesting piece: H3 V2 for Mini-ITX configurations. Read more “HDPLEX H3 V3: a small Mini-ITX case that can cool 80 W passively” »

Ryzen iGPU and the return of thermal compounds

AMD has released the first Ryzen desktop processors with iGPU this week. APU Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G could be attractive for compact computers because it’s easier to cool a single heat source than to cool both CPU and GPU, and the integrated graphics cards of these processors should have performance equal to GeForce GT 1030. However, it also means that the old enemy has returned, thermal compounds. Read more “Ryzen iGPU and the return of thermal compounds” »

FSP power supply with a liquid cooling: fanless up to 700 W

Basically everything in your computer can be now cooled not only by air but also by a liquid – there are blocks for CPU, graphics cards, memory modules, and even SSD. Only power supplies stood out for a long time as components which must have a fan. Times are about to change. The company FSP is releasing a power supply that can be cooled trough a liquid cooling circuit. Read more “FSP power supply with a liquid cooling: fanless up to 700 W” »

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