MasterBox 600. New case (also) for boards with rear connectors

Cooler Master has released, in its own words, a versatile PC case. By this (versatile) it seems to refer, among other things, to the support of motherboards with unconventional placement of connectors on the back of the PCB. But within a certain universality, the MasterBox 600 is ready for practically all component formats. The size of the case corresponds to an average midi-tower. Read more “MasterBox 600. New case (also) for boards with rear connectors” »

DeepCool CH160 is a cheap ITX case for large components

Twenty liters of volume, yet still room for graphics cards such as the GeForce RTX 4090 or the tallest tower coolers. Plus a handle on the top. Few things better define a case for gaming events where you come with your own powerful PC. In this case, we’re talking about the DeepCool CH160. This is a new “SFF” case with a suggested price of just 60 EUR, where the emphasis is on efficient cooling rather than premium design. Read more “DeepCool CH160 is a cheap ITX case for large components” »

Caveat: RGB LEDs can damage graphics cards and other hardware

A curious “scandal” has now surfaced on the Internet: it seems that decorative RGB LEDs in your computer may not be a purely cosmetic feature that has no effect on the hardware. Users on social media have noticed that the illumination can leave an irreversible mark on your hardware, so to speak, such as on a graphics card that you have next to your RGB memory. Whether this can also have adverse effects on users is hard to say. Read more “Caveat: RGB LEDs can damage graphics cards and other hardware” »

DeepCool: Efficient cooling even in smaller cases (CH360)

DeepCool has released cases designed for motherboards up to mATX. This paves the way for more space-saving PC builds and, in the case of the CH360 series of cases, at a relatively low price. Starting at 80 EUR, the cheapest model seems like a fair offer considering that as many as three fans are included. And for a small premium, you can also have a display to monitor component temperatures. Read more “DeepCool: Efficient cooling even in smaller cases (CH360)” »

Fractal Design North XL case test: When bigger is better

We’ve already had one case featuring a wooden front panel. But it might not be “big enough” for someone’s needs, which the XL variant now addresses. Among other things, in this article you will also find tests with two different fan configurations. And also a comparison of cooling with the smaller North Mesh model. And not only with it, we already have a total of 25 other cases in the database for comparison. Read more “Fractal Design North XL case test: When bigger is better” »

DeepCool CH780: Wide viewing angles at the core

Aquarium or terrarium? In short, a proper glass (panoramic?) case with a good view of the components. It is not only the appearance that is supposed to be “attractive”, but also the abundant options for cooling, or rather installation of liquid coolers. And reconfiguring the system fans can also make sense with the DeepCool CH780. We chart the differences in the comparison tests as well. Read more “DeepCool CH780: Wide viewing angles at the core” »

DeepCool at CES 24: Panoramic case and dark liquid coolers

DeepCool has introduced a heavily glass-clad case with an atypical system fan layout (with an emphasis on negative pressure) and affordable liquid coolers. These will be attractive for users who do not like lighted elements and for whom the highest possible cooling efficiency or the most attractive price/performance ratio is paramount. DeepCool’s new liquid CPU coolers have the prerequisites to score points in this respect. Read more “DeepCool at CES 24: Panoramic case and dark liquid coolers” »

DeepCool CH560 WH: Fresh (case) cooling-wise and visually

You’ve already seen the new “CH” case model as part of a build where we played around a bit with cooling optimizations and keeping things as quiet as possible. Now here is the standard review with a more detailed analysis. Compared to the CH510 Digital series, the CH560 (WH) is a bit more expensive, but comes with more features. And significantly so. Its biggest selling point is its four efficient ARGB fans. Read more “DeepCool CH560 WH: Fresh (case) cooling-wise and visually” »

Retrotest: 8× PC case. From small to “large”

In the archives we found some remarkable tests that have never been published in English. Although they are heavily out of date ( cases included have not been sold for a long time), it illustrates well the possible impact of cooling across a wide variety of designs. And by those we also mean completely passive solutions that use their own shell to dissipate heat, as well as rather larger midi-towers and also something in between. Read more “Retrotest: 8× PC case. From small to “large”” »

300R Airflow case or the queen of the MSI MPG Gungnir family

The Gungnir gaming case series has a new top model, the 300R Airflow. This 60-litre midi-tower brings, among other things, features that facilitate the installation of components. All in all, we can probably talk about a user experience on a higher level. Whether it lives up to the selling price is up for consideration. The price is set quite high and the innovations that the MSI case brings may not be enough for everyone. Read more “300R Airflow case or the queen of the MSI MPG Gungnir family” »

BeQuiet! Dark Base Pro 901: Nearly flawless full-tower

The new flagship BeQuiet! case is on sale now. The improvements over its predecessor are obvious, but there was a lot to draw from for the new Dark Base Pro 901. The ability to rotate the motherboard remained, and we can already reveal that it has a positive effect on cooling. This also makes this case suitable for the most powerful builds, which are associated not only with a lot of waste heat, but also with large dimensions of components. Read more “BeQuiet! Dark Base Pro 901: Nearly flawless full-tower” »

BeQuiet!: Cases for gamers – What are the important features?

We’ve got hold of a document that is a sort of list of features that BeQuiet! thinks you should think about when choosing a case for a gaming PC build. To what extent one can agree with it is probably individual (users’ priorities are different and some people have very specific requirements). In any case, these are materials that also give an insight into what a leading case manufacturer considers important and what questions they ask when designing. Read more “BeQuiet!: Cases for gamers – What are the important features?” »

MEG Prospect 700R. New definition of high-end by MSI

We’ve had cases with a display in our tests before, but MSI has taken its usability to a new level. The touchpad can still be used for control, but it also serves as an indicator for various useful things. Sure, the case sits pretty high at three hundred euros, but it’s not just about the extra cost of the display. The MEG Prospect 700R also justifies the price in other aspects. For example, the really precise build quality. Read more “MEG Prospect 700R. New definition of high-end by MSI” »

Endorfy Arx 500 Air: Extra airflow at volume below 50 litres

When something is “worth it” and it’s bigger than enough for some, making a smaller version is definitely a good idea. Something similar happened with the Arx 700 Air, from which the scaled-down Arx 500 Air was derived. It has taken all the good qualities and also the wider range of features of the original case. This includes, for example, five pre-installed 140mm fans. So there is no shortage of proper air circulation, and the only question is the noise level. Read more “Endorfy Arx 500 Air: Extra airflow at volume below 50 litres” »

BeQuiet! pushes efficiency with new Shadow Base cases

BeQuiet! is introducing a fourth line of cases – Shadow Base to the current trio (Dark Base, Silent Base and Pure Base). The first models in the 800 series are smaller than the Dark Base Pro 901, but with more emphasis on cooling efficiency than the Silent Pure Base. BeQuiet! is building the main key points on this too, and there is something to it. If only for the fact that they used fans that have a higher efficiency compared to older models. Read more “BeQuiet! pushes efficiency with new Shadow Base cases” »

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