DeepCool CH160 is a cheap ITX case for large components

DeepCool CH160

Twenty liters of volume, yet still room for graphics cards such as the GeForce RTX 4090 or the tallest tower coolers. Plus a handle on the top. Few things better define a case for gaming events where you come with your own powerful PC. In this case, we’re talking about the DeepCool CH160. This is a new “SFF” case with a suggested price of just 60 EUR, where the emphasis is on efficient cooling rather than premium design.

With the CH160, DeepCool is entering the market of extra-small computer cases that are tailored to run high-performance components. The key features include good portability, minimizing the space required in which the computer operates. And finally, this is not supposed to be at the expense of cooling either. It is above standard for the proportions of the case format.

The case supports a CPU cooler up to 172mm in height, into which even the most powerful tower models can fit, including their own solution in the form of the Assassin IV. This cooler is also notable in the CH160 case considering that it can also perform the role of system cooling well thanks to its atypical fan layout. By having its second fan very close to the rear grille, which serves to exhaust heated air out of the case. Anothe reason this can be useful in the DeepCool CH160 case is that it doesn’t come with any fans. This is also why its price can be quite low. However, it does have positions for fans. Two ceiling mounted ones, a rear one and one in the front as well (although you lose that one if you install a 2.5/3.5″ SSD). All for 120mm fans.

But even if you didn’t buy fans, ventilation is also provided to some extent by the heavily perforated shell on virtually all sides. The front, top, bottom and back panels are all perforated almost all the way around, and there’s a grille next to the motherboard as well. When it comes to the board, by the way, only the Mini-ITX format is supported. That is, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Apparently, unless we’re overlooking something, installing Mini-DTX motherboards might also be possible. But these are practically not being produced and maybe that’s the reason why DeepCool doesn’t mention them.

Liquid coolers are officially unsupported, although the largest dimension (length) of the case is up to 336 mm. This length is well suited for long graphics cards as well, being able to fit a GeForce RTX 4090 (such as the Founders Edition), although most non-reference solutions will already be both too thick and too long. The graphics card should not exceed 305 mm in length, 65 mm in height (i.e. approx. 3 PCIe slots) and 138 mm in depth, i.e. from the motherboard to the side panel. The RTX 4090 FE fits almost exactly into these dimensions. But even that’s only assuming the use of an SFX-format PSU. With ATX PSUs there is a restriction on the length of the graphics card to 230 mm.

The PSU is installed behind the front panel with its power cord traditionally routed to the rear.

The DeepCool CH160 is well portable due to its smaller dimensions (336 × 200 × 284 mm), which are also combined with a lighter weight (3.3 kg). For the most comfortable grip, there is also a handle on top of the case. You can thus carry it as with briefcases or medium-sized suitcases. Even with the components installed, the weight of the build in the DeepCool CH160 case should be under 10 kg, sometimes very significantly so. This, of course, depends on the specific configuration.

The cases are expected to be available in stores from 14 May 2024 in two colors – black (CH160) and white (CH160 WH). DeepCool’s suggested retail price in both cases is 60 EUR.

English translation and edit by Jozef Dudáš

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