BeQuiet! Pure Base 500DX: Hit the orange bullseye

You have probably heard of BeQuiet!, whose components are one of the best in the high-end category. The reworked novelty (Pure Base 500DX) of the year-old case (Pure Base 500) was introduced two months ago and finally got to our editorial office for testing. The main improvement over the previous version is very efficient cooling thanks to additional fans in the equipment and added perforation. Read more “BeQuiet! Pure Base 500DX: Hit the orange bullseye” »

BeQuiet! Shadow Rock 3 – In the name of silence

Shadow Rock 3 was introduced this year as the new top model among the mid-range coolers from BeQuiet!. This German manufacturer, as the name suggests, focuses on the production of components with very quiet operation. The Shadow Rock 3 cooler boasts of very quiet specifications even at a high TDP value of 190 W. However, marketing slogans will never replace real tests which is why we’re bringing you a review of this cooler today. Read more “BeQuiet! Shadow Rock 3 – In the name of silence” »

Test of 27 thermal compounds, part 2

The second round will be especially interesting for people who want to find the best solution for a standard use. The winner is a big surprise. Gelid, Noctua, Phobya, Reeven, SilentiumPC, Thermal Grizzly or Zalman? We can give away that it is not an expected favourite this time. We enjoyed a nice competition in the middle category, where it takes a lot to keep making a difference. We also tested OEM paste from Scythe as a bonus. Read more “Test of 27 thermal compounds, part 2” »

Test of 27 thermal compounds, part 1

Thermal pastes can significantly affect the cooling performance, so we have compared several models that represent the current offer. Is the legendary Arctic MX-2 still a good choice? Or is it more reasonable to try newer Cooler Master and Cryorig? There is also a copper Coollaboratory to consider. Well, we have prepared some recommendations, but few warnings too because there are several products that you should rather avoid. Read more “Test of 27 thermal compounds, part 1” »