Gigabyte G32QC – budget 32″ for gaming

Gaming monitors are available in various sizes, formats and curvatures. We’ve had a few 27″ models here lately, representing the current mainstream. But what if you want something bigger, but ultrawide isn’t right for you? In that case, you’ll probably reach for a 32″ display. Would you also like a curve, a lot of Hz and various gaming features? Then you may be interested in Gigabyte G32QC. Read more “Gigabyte G32QC – budget 32″ for gaming” »

All motherboards with AMD A520 in one place. Prices included

You’ve already read the details about the A520 chipset in a separate article. The new cheap AMD motherboards lag behind B450 in some respects, in others they have the upper hand. Support for Zen 3 processors promises longer moral life, and this platform also offers pairing with APU Renoir. Modern connectivity with HDMI 2.1 is a standard here which is not a matter of course even with the B550. Can you find your favorite? Read more “All motherboards with AMD A520 in one place. Prices included” »

Impactics DMono 1, already on the market

Engineers from Impactics might not be creating product every week, but when they come up with something, it’s usually an extraordinary construction. This also applies to their new chassis – DMono with a prosaic attribute. Its design is remarkable and with the emphasis on fully passive configurations. It can do more than just absorb the heat from CPU. Read more “Impactics DMono 1, already on the market” »

“Modern desktop based on Mini-STX” by

It’s strange, but desktop computers have been stagnant for over twenty years. In most cases, they are still built on the ATX standard in “oversized“ towers. From a rational point of view, however, such a concept should be marginal and replaced by SFF. A traditional PC can be tiny, powerful, and silent at the same time. And its equipment does not have to limit you. Read more ““Modern desktop based on Mini-STX” by” »

Competition – Winter 2017: The winners + thanks!

Here are the results. And this time without any testing of hardware. We have analysed your effort and chosen the winner whose contribution was the best. Also, there are three lucky persons that were randomly selected. Others who participated will have another chance to win something very soon, we promise. A big thanks to everybody for the support (also to people that did not participate in the competition)! Read more “Competition – Winter 2017: The winners + thanks!” »

Competition – Winter 2017: Chance to win some interesting pieces!

Thanks to the support of Gigabyte, Akasa, Noctua, and EKWB, you have the opportunity to compete for prizes at HWC for the first time. To make things interesting, we chose atypical components from various “worlds“. Mini-STX motherboard, the large liquid cooling kit, Noctua NH-D15 with the unconventional colour coating Chromax… or would you prefer a passive case? Read more “Competition – Winter 2017: Chance to win some interesting pieces!” »

Which X370 for 175 EUR: Asus ROG Strix or Gigabyte Gaming 5?

Two boards for the same price but with different approach. After reviewing the key elements of their layouts and examining fan control options, you can look forward to a large portion of temperature and consumption comparisons. Let’s find out which one of these AMD Ryzen boards fulfills your expectations better. Read more “Which X370 for 175 EUR: Asus ROG Strix or Gigabyte Gaming 5?” »