Blackview MP200: Complete (and cheap) miniature PC

The mini PC category is less represented in our country compared to laptops, but occasionally we get a piece from MSI or Gigabyte. When I received an email from Blackview and with it an opportunity to broaden my horizons, I didn’t hesitate and agreed to test their MP200 solution. The compact computer with an 11th generation Core i5 processor got both RAM and an SSD in the package, which is remarkable at a 400-euro price. Read more “Blackview MP200: Complete (and cheap) miniature PC” »

Aorus 15 BSF (2023): The less expensive of the powerful laptops

It took longer than I planned, but we finally got our hands on an Aorus gaming laptop. Specifically, the 15-inch model set for 2023 with a Raptor Lake Core i7 processor and an Ada Lovelace RTX 4070 graphics card. This configuration may impress with a rather attractive price. But then again, in the fierce competition from ROG, MSI and Legion models, the Aorus 15 BSF won’t have it so easy. Read more “Aorus 15 BSF (2023): The less expensive of the powerful laptops” »

Philips OLED 807 test with Play-Fi external speaker

Philips offers up to four different OLED models, and after the second highest (907), the cheaper model numbered 807 has made its way to us. However, to avoid repeating the same test over and over again, this time we’ll also focus on DTS Play-Fi technology, using the TAW6205 wireless speaker. Thanks to its WiFi connection, it has several advantages over conventional speakers. This will be discussed as well. Read more “Philips OLED 807 test with Play-Fi external speaker” »

ROG Strix SCAR 18 or a test of RTX 4090/Core i9-13980HX combo

Processors and graphics cards of the latest generations are already available in laptops nicely together, side by side, which also applies to the Asus model series – SCAR 18. We are talking about powerful hardware, or the most powerful, as far as the configuration we tested is concerned. This one features both a top-notch CPU and GPU . Meanwhile, the Scar 18 is a relatively compact laptop considering its high performance. Read more “ROG Strix SCAR 18 or a test of RTX 4090/Core i9-13980HX combo” »

Philips 27B1U5601: Affordable monitor for your work desk

A business monitor with a USB-C port, Windows Hello camera, KVM switch, LightSensor and PowerSensor. If you’ve heard this somewhere before, it was probably the Philips 34B1U5600 that we recently tested.This time, we’re focusing on the smaller, 27-inch variant, which is perhaps even more suited to the workplace environment than the curved widescreen. What makes the 27B1U5601 different besides the smaller diagonal? Read more “Philips 27B1U5601: Affordable monitor for your work desk” »

Gigabyte M32UC: 4K at 160Hz on curved 32 inches

Monitors at the moment are probably dominated by 27-inch models, which is logical given their price and availability. The next step in the evolution are 32-inch models, which include the tested M32UC from Gigabyte. This one is very similar to the recently tested G32QC. However, appearance is the only thing they are similar in, as the M32UC is a bit of a “different animal”. 4K at 160Hz and KVM are just the tip of the iceberg of what the monitor offers. Read more “Gigabyte M32UC: 4K at 160Hz on curved 32 inches” »

Sonnet Echo 11 TB4 and Echo Dual NVMe docks dual-test

Modern docking stations look a little different than they did years ago. Firstly, no more proprietary connectors, and for another, they allow you to connect a large number of accessories thanks to the very high-bandwidth Thunderbolt interface. A port in a laptop itself is a good start, but it doesn’t mean “anything” on its own and needs a little help to branch out. And that, in the context of this test, is the task of Sonnet, the docking station specialist. Read more “Sonnet Echo 11 TB4 and Echo Dual NVMe docks dual-test” »

Bit of a “different” monitor. MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine

Monitors usually offer a very similar and rather unremarkable design in black or grey. Gaming models are trying to break out of this stereotype, with various red elements or RGB lighting. However, the world of professional monitors is virtually black and white, and MSI thought it would bring some colour to this environment, and not a grey one, but an “Ultramarine” one at that. That’s a colour particularly associated with Renaissance artwork. Read more “Bit of a “different” monitor. MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine” »

Iiyama G-Master G4380UHSU: A monitor as big as a TV

Large diagonal monitors are slowly but surely starting to catch on with more users, and the recent rise in popularity is no doubt mainly due to the boom of more OLED models. However, these aren’t the only option and you’ll find a number of IPS and VA models on the market, including the G4380UHSU from iiyama. This gaming monitor is based on a 42″ fast (144Hz) 4K panel. Price? 650 EUR. Read more “Iiyama G-Master G4380UHSU: A monitor as big as a TV” »

MSI Titan GT77: Extreme performance, smaller then ever

MSI’s Titans have always represented the absolute most you can get in a laptop. Over time, however, they’ve been shrinking in size (and hand-in-hand with that, weight) in a way that the new GT77 Titan is actually a fairly compact laptop already. Inside it, though, is the most powerful mobile graphics card, the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, and a Core i9-12900HX processor. Loud noise and high temperatures? Read more “MSI Titan GT77: Extreme performance, smaller then ever” »

Philips 27E1N5600HE: A monitor can be “all-in-one” too

Although we have taken a break from the pandemic for a few months, the home office trend is not likely to go away any time soon. Regardless of whether you work from home or an office, the need for online meetings continues to grow, and everyone is familiar with the hassle of setting up cameras and speakers before a call. But what if everything you needed was part of the monitor and you could also conveniently unlock your computer with your face? Read more “Philips 27E1N5600HE: A monitor can be “all-in-one” too” »

We tested three available Asus routers. Pick your favourite

The Asus Networking Division offers routers for just about every application and environment. Whether you’re looking for an affordable WiFI router or as an avid gamer, you can’t do without RGB LED lighting. The same is true if you need to cover a larger area, for example a house, for which Mesh solutions are already needed, and it is the AiMesh function that is one of the main strengths of this manufacturer’s routers. Read more “We tested three available Asus routers. Pick your favourite” »

Philips Momentum 32M1N5800 test: 32″ w/ UltraHD and 144 Hz

Philips has long focused more on professional and multimedia monitors, but it seems to be getting serious about gaming monitors as well. After the console-focused 329M1RV, we have the 32M1N5800, which offers the same 32-inch 4K 144 Hz HDR display, but in a slightly more aggressive design. The aim of the test will be to compare the two models and find the differences between them, as the paper specs are very similar. Read more “Philips Momentum 32M1N5800 test: 32″ w/ UltraHD and 144 Hz” »

Asus ZenWiFi Pro XT12 – tower router with WiFi 6 and 2.5 Gb LAN

Routers, for the most part, are not among the design-appealing devices you’d want to show off. They are usually white or black boxes with antennas sticking out of them and you hide them somewhere behind your computer, TV or in a closet. But that doesn’t have to be the rule, and the new Asus ZenWiFi Pro XT12 is proof of that. In addition to the unconventional design, the tested model impresses with its focus on mesh networking, which Asus routers are known for. Read more “Asus ZenWiFi Pro XT12 – tower router with WiFi 6 and 2.5 Gb LAN” »

MSI double monitor test: 2160p or 1440p resolution at 32″?

Until recently, 32-inch monitors were a relatively marginal category and manufacturers were pushing mainly the smaller 27″ versions. Recently, it seems as if the market is swarming with 32″ monitors, and after the latest from AOC, we take a look at two new gaming models from MSI right away. At first glance they look the same, but besides the name they differ in panels, connectivity, or other small details, which we will gradually break down. Read more “MSI double monitor test: 2160p or 1440p resolution at 32″?” »

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