Impactics DMono 1, already on the market

Engineers from Impactics might not be creating product every week, but when they come up with something, it’s usually an extraordinary construction. This also applies to their new chassis – DMono with a prosaic attribute. Its design is remarkable and with the emphasis on fully passive configurations. It can do more than just absorb the heat from CPU. Read more “Impactics DMono 1, already on the market” »

HDPLEX H3 V3: a small Mini-ITX case that can cool 80 W passively

HDPLEX cases have a pretty good reputation among supporters of completely silent passive PCs. For several years, this company has been producing various solid aluminum cases in which cooling is based on the heat transfer from CPU or GPU to the outer casing that disperses it around. Now HDPLEX has released an interesting piece: H3 V2 for Mini-ITX configurations. Read more “HDPLEX H3 V3: a small Mini-ITX case that can cool 80 W passively” »