Want an extra short ATX PSU? Enermax is giving some away

What’s it about and how to participate

In cooperation with Enermax, we are organizing an activity where you can win one Revolution D.F. 12 PSU in any variant. 750 W or 850 W? Black, white? It doesn’t matter, whichever you choose for your build. The only condition is that you make the best use of its unique feature in the form of an extra short design. These are the shortest PSUs in the ATX format, and in this case, they also feature the latest ATX 3.1 standard.

Just recently, Enermax released the Revolution D.F. 12, which stands out from the competing (ATX) models with its 122 mm in length. Or more accurately, it doesn’t “stand out” from them, which gives these Revolution D.F. 12 PSUs better compatibility. Not only in terms of the installation itself (getting the PSU into the case at all), but also in terms of the convenience of the installation – with a smaller PSU, it is more convenient to work with everything around. And if you think you can also appreciate this in your case, now is a good opportunity.

What’s it about…

We have two samples of Enermax Revolution D.F. 12 available for you. These are PSUs with support for the ATX 3.1 standard (so among other things they will already be equipped with 12V-2×6 connectors), their efficiency is supposed to fit into 80 Plus ranges and the main thing that makes the Revolution D.F. 12 models different from the others is the smaller dimensions thanks to the shorter casing with only 122 mm (compared to the usual 140+ mm).

More info: Only 122 mm. Enermax shortened its ATX PSUs (Revolution D.F. 12)

The Enermax Revolution D.F. 12 is only 122 mm long. This can contribute to better compatibility or more convenient installation in tight spaces

… and how to participate

You don’t have to pay anything to get your hands on the Enermax Revolution D.F. 12, but you still have to do something for it. First of all, it’s to write a message (with the subject line “Enermax Revolution D.F. 12“) to info@hwcooling.net saying that you’re interested and stating into what build you’d be able to incorporate one of the available models. At the same time, please indicate in the message which variant will be the most suitable for you. There are three. Of which there are two 850-watt ones, in black (ETV850G) and in white (ETV850G-W) design and then a black one with 750W (ETV750G). You may choose any of them.

The important thing is that you write a little bit about the build, which will make it obvious why such a short PSU will be useful to you. This is the main thing that will determine if you are selected for the draw. It doesn’t have to be a long description of the situation, it’s enough to present it in a few bullet points that will give us a rough idea of the usage environment. More details will be needed later, when you succeed.

Contest entries can be submitted until April 30 (23:59 CET) 2024, provided that by May 31 (23:59 CET) 2024 you provide photo documentation of the PSU installation with some accompanying text, and then you agree to publication of these materials on HWCooling.net. We will already process these formally (for the article) ourselves, so it is no trouble for you. Just supply a few photos and if you add some notes with usage experience, it will be absolutely great.

And finally, one more thing on what the odds of winning of the PSU will depend on. The relevance of such a PSU in a given system. We will divide the whole of your submissions into two parts, where only one will go into the draw. The one that will emerge after an editorial consultation on where the use of such a smaller PSU has more merit. No need to go to extremes, it is not expected that the Enermax Revolution D.F. 12 will be the only choice due to its size (and that longer PSUs will be incompatible with the case). The point is just to rule out cases where using such a shortened ATX PSU will not be of any benefit, as it would be for example in full tower cases where there is still a lot of empty space behind the PSU.

For logistical reasons, a European address is required for the delivery of the PSU, where you can pick up or forward the package to another continent. You can, of course, participate from any part of the world. The only thing is that the shipping costs do not exceed the price of the PSU or that you do not have complications in a customs process.

English translation and edit by Jozef Dudáš

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