Alphacool introduces the “Core” series of high-speed fans

Six new models, with the slowest capping at 2,000 rpm and the fastest up to 4,000 rpm. It’s a mix of 120 and 140-millimeter fans, where with the larger format Alphacool reached for differently modeled rotors. This is also with a view to ensuring that a fan this fast and relatively large can operate at all at reasonably low vibration. Among Alphacool’s new products is therefore a fan with more robust blades as well. Read more “Alphacool introduces the “Core” series of high-speed fans” »

Plastic vs. metal backplate Alphacool (under LGA 1700)

For rather incomprehensible reasons, the cooling performance of the vast majority of AIO liquid coolers is degraded by the use of an unsuitable backplate. The backplate is usually undersized, made of plastic, and cannot exert optimal pressure on the processor. To give you an idea of how a “traditional” plastic backplate stacks up against a proper, steel one, we’ve prepared a comparison of the two. Read more “Plastic vs. metal backplate Alphacool (under LGA 1700)” »

Alphacool: Our new thermal paste is faster than stainless steel

Watch out, Alphacool has started aiming pretty high. In the specifications for the latest Apex thermal paste, it lists a thermal conductivity that it claims is not only above the best competing thermal pastes, but even outperforms some metals. Unless Alphacool is stretching reality, this is going to be an extremely effective formula. You won’t guess what its main ingredient is. Read more “Alphacool: Our new thermal paste is faster than stainless steel” »

Alphacool SL-15 PWM: Low profile does not equal low airflow

There are situations where standard 25 mm fans will not fit. Even the 120 mm format therefore offers lower alternatives. The first thing that naturally comes to mind is that such fans mean a trade-off in cooling efficiency. However, this may not be true and the hassle of thinking about how to fit a thicker fan inside may even be quite unnecessary. A well-designed rotor can achieve fully-fledged results when compared to a thicker rotor, even if it is slimmer. Read more “Alphacool SL-15 PWM: Low profile does not equal low airflow” »

Alphacool has steel blackplates. Higher pressure, higher durability

Finally, someone brings up the topic of metal backplates for liquid AIO coolers. There is an ingrained belief among manufacturers that plastic backplates are sufficient for liquid coolers. They are not enough though, for a number of reasons. It is therefore good news that Alphacool is releasing steel backplates as optional accessories for multiple coolers. And if you own any of the supported coolers, you can request one – free of charge. Read more “Alphacool has steel blackplates. Higher pressure, higher durability” »

Alphacool has new fans: High speed and low profile

Characteristic for the Alphacool brand are excellent radiators and various accessories for liquid coolers. However, the offer of fans is relatively narrow. That is changing a bit now. The company is expanding its offer in this direction wisely, with unusual designs. One of the new additions is a low-profile 120 mm and the other two fans excel at extremely high speeds, which are not common with computer fans. Read more “Alphacool has new fans: High speed and low profile” »

Duel of SSD coolers: Alphacool HDX M.2 vs. EKWB EK-M.2

With increasing IOPS, SSD cooling demands also increase. This applies even to powerful models (NVMe) for common customers. In most cases, controllers can take a lot, but high temperatures do not add to their performance nor lifespan and they can cause problems even in very quiet computers or in a room with higher air temperature. An additional heatsink can do wonders. Read more “Duel of SSD coolers: Alphacool HDX M.2 vs. EKWB EK-M.2” »

Test of 27 thermal compounds, part 1

Thermal pastes can significantly affect the cooling performance, so we have compared several models that represent the current offer. Is the legendary Arctic MX-2 still a good choice? Or is it more reasonable to try newer Cooler Master and Cryorig? There is also a copper Coollaboratory to consider. Well, we have prepared some recommendations, but few warnings too because there are several products that you should rather avoid. Read more “Test of 27 thermal compounds, part 1” »