Low price, high thermal conductivity – SPC Pactum PT-4

A new thermal paste has been introduced – Pactum PT-4. Its specifications are admirable, considering the lower price range. The thermal conductivity is more than double that of the previous Pactum PT-2. At least on paper. It could finally be a real competition for the Arctic MX-5. Particularly the application of the PT-4 should be comfortable for its low viscosity. Read more “Low price, high thermal conductivity – SPC Pactum PT-4” »

The goddess of thermal pastes has a name: Noctua NT-H2

The initial skepticism about the NT-H2 subsided very quickly. We have exposed this thermal paste to various tests and it gives excellent results across the whole spectrum of them. The original NT-H1, which Noctua will continue to offer as a cheaper option, served well as a reference point for comparison. The new NT-H2 already belongs to the high-end as it should. See for yourselves in a detailed review. Read more “The goddess of thermal pastes has a name: Noctua NT-H2” »

Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra vs. Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut

Coollaboratory is well known among the hardware enthusiasts, mainly thanks to its liquid metals. The model with higher thermal conductivity, Liquid Ultra, is commonly preferred with high power consumption chips since their default compounds are usually of lower quality. To find out whether CLU still pays off, we put it to the ring with an opponent from the Thermal Grizzly workshop, and with Core i5-7600K as the referee. Read more “Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra vs. Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut” »

Test of 27 thermal compounds, part 2

The second round will be especially interesting for people who want to find the best solution for a standard use. The winner is a big surprise. Gelid, Noctua, Phobya, Reeven, SilentiumPC, Thermal Grizzly or Zalman? We can give away that it is not an expected favourite this time. We enjoyed a nice competition in the middle category, where it takes a lot to keep making a difference. We also tested OEM paste from Scythe as a bonus. Read more “Test of 27 thermal compounds, part 2” »

Test of 27 thermal compounds, part 1

Thermal pastes can significantly affect the cooling performance, so we have compared several models that represent the current offer. Is the legendary Arctic MX-2 still a good choice? Or is it more reasonable to try newer Cooler Master and Cryorig? There is also a copper Coollaboratory to consider. Well, we have prepared some recommendations, but few warnings too because there are several products that you should rather avoid. Read more “Test of 27 thermal compounds, part 1” »

Spreading a thermal paste: how and how much?

A drop in the middle, a cross, spread it with finger, or use an old credit card to smooth it perfectly? Even simple things like applying a thermal paste under your cooler can be a bit tricky sometimes. Commonly used methods are seemingly different, and if you also consider batching, there comes a question of how to it to achieve the best results. Read more “Spreading a thermal paste: how and how much?” »