New EK Momentum2 block covers 2/3 of the motherboard

EKWB has released a striking block for those who like small but powerful and quiet computers. The Momentum² is designed for the ROG Strix X570-I Gaming, a Mini-ITX board from Asus. It is a monolithic design, which is supposed to be characterized by low restrictiveness (thus it is also suitable for slower pumps), but mainly by a wide reach – in addition to the CPU, it covers both the VRM and the AMD X570 chipset. Read more “New EK Momentum2 block covers 2/3 of the motherboard” »

Computex 21: Q&A with EK Water Blocks

Just a few days ago, we covered a plethora of exciting news and upcoming products from EKWB, a leading company in the water cooling industry. But we’ve also reached directly to EKWB for an „under the hood“ interview. In order to pierce the veil a bit, we sent a set of questions to EKWB. Just a few days ago, we finally received EKWB‘s answers to those questions and we’d like to share the whole interview with you today. Read more “Computex 21: Q&A with EK Water Blocks” »

Competition – Winter 2017: The winners + thanks!

Here are the results. And this time without any testing of hardware. We have analysed your effort and chosen the winner whose contribution was the best. Also, there are three lucky persons that were randomly selected. Others who participated will have another chance to win something very soon, we promise. A big thanks to everybody for the support (also to people that did not participate in the competition)! Read more “Competition – Winter 2017: The winners + thanks!” »

Competition – Winter 2017: Chance to win some interesting pieces!

Thanks to the support of Gigabyte, Akasa, Noctua, and EKWB, you have the opportunity to compete for prizes at HWC for the first time. To make things interesting, we chose atypical components from various “worlds“. Mini-STX motherboard, the large liquid cooling kit, Noctua NH-D15 with the unconventional colour coating Chromax… or would you prefer a passive case? Read more “Competition – Winter 2017: Chance to win some interesting pieces!” »

EKWB EK-FB MSI X299 + X360: more than 500 W, VRM below 60 °C

For LGA 2066, liquid cooling is more beneficial than for any other platform before. Especially for Core i9-7980XE. Compared to EKWB full cover monoblock with a decent engine and evaporator, even NH-D15 looks like a dwarf. Not only does the liquid cooler open up for higher frequencies, but it also significantly improves the operating features with settings that can be barely handled by conventional coolers. Read more “EKWB EK-FB MSI X299 + X360: more than 500 W, VRM below 60 °C” »

Duel of SSD coolers: Alphacool HDX M.2 vs. EKWB EK-M.2

With increasing IOPS, SSD cooling demands also increase. This applies even to powerful models (NVMe) for common customers. In most cases, controllers can take a lot, but high temperatures do not add to their performance nor lifespan and they can cause problems even in very quiet computers or in a room with higher air temperature. An additional heatsink can do wonders. Read more “Duel of SSD coolers: Alphacool HDX M.2 vs. EKWB EK-M.2” »