Competition – Winter 2017: The winners + thanks!

Results of the competition

Here are the results. And this time without any testing of hardware. We have analysed your effort and chosen the winner whose contribution was the best. Also, there are three lucky persons that were randomly selected. Others who participated will have another chance to win something very soon, we promise. A big thanks to everybody for the support (also to people that did not participate in the competition)!

The stuff:

It was required to share a content of our magazine somewhere where it would fit and let us know about it at There were quite a lot of mails that met the specified criteria, we randomly selected three of you. In the order listed below, you can choose a prize (Gigabyte GA-H110MSTX-HD3, Akasa Euler MX and Noctua NH-D15 with Chromax) according to your preference.

Randomly selected winners:

  1. james p (…)
  2. Radomir Koles (radomir.koles@…)
  3. BG (bojana_grosskreuz@…)


We have already sent emails to winners. The winner of the first round has a week to choose and let us know. Then we will contact the winners of the second and the third round again and let them pick what’s left.

The prize for the most effective share…

The main prize goes to Oisin A. (wizzcomm@…) for his effort that brought the biggest boost of the traffic. He managed to do it on Reddit by sharing the first and the second test of thermal compounds. It even started an interesting discussion. Thank you!

Circuit EKWB EK-KIT X360 from the review EKWB EK-FB MSI X299 + X360: more than 500 W with VRM below 60 °C60 °C. However, the winner is getting a new one with a set of uncut pipes

We also provide a chance to make a deal. If winners are not very happy about the prize, they can change it with other winners, provided both sides agree.

…,and exceptional effort

Most of you shared reviews on your FB profiles, which is of course perfect, but the easiest way too. Some people really cared about the promotion of HWC and we have decided to appreciate this effort. We received a nice email from reader Viktor M. (viktor.majdak@…). He intensively promoted our reviews on forums where they served as a basis in many recommended PC configurations. He was not lucky enough to be randomly selected, but we wanted to reciprocate somehow. We are sending him Gigabyte T-shirt (XL) with Gaming G1 logo, and two Noctua NF-A15 PWM fans.

Thank you for your support!

We would like to say thanks to everyone who ever visited It wouldn’t be possible to run this project without you.  The current “flow” of new reviews is not optimal right now, we know. But we are working hard to improve it. The recent increase of the traffic is very important, and it still keeps growing every day. And this competition really helped too. If you care about HWC development, you can continue to share the content. Just make sure that you do it where it fits because spam on unrelated forums may, in fact, hurt us instead. 🙂

Special thanks to all companies that put their trust in HWCooling and that keep supporting us. Namely for this competition it is Gigabyte, EKWB, Noctua, and Akasa.

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Akasa releases suspended fans resistant to dust and water

Added value in fans can take different forms. In the case of Akasa’s new OTTO SF12 and OTTO SC12 fans, it is dust resistance and the fans are also not to be disrupted by contact with liquid. Such designs are typically suited to the harsh ambient conditions of industrial plants. But neither airflow nor pressure is supposed to be on the second track. Finally, the fans also excel with a sophisticated anti-vibration system. Read more “Akasa releases suspended fans resistant to dust and water” »


Big test of 120 mm fans. We known everything about eight of them

To write that we have something mapped out to the last detail is perhaps too bold, but after proper preparation, few pieces of hardware are as easy to evaluate as fans. Of course, this had to be preceded by long preparations, developing a methodology, but you already know the story. What you don’t know yet is the first fruit, or rather the results of Akasa, SilentiumPC, SilverStone, Xigmatek or more exotic Reeven fans. Read more “Big test of 120 mm fans. We known everything about eight of them” »


The Akasa GRM120-30 foam filter works better than it seems

After analyzing the nylon and plastic dust filter, we now add a test of the “foam” dust filter. The latter has a slightly more complex construction. It consists of several parts and is kind of like a jigsaw puzzle, the elements of which even improve the aerodynamics in some ways. We go through everything in detail, and although we approached this type of filter with a bit of a bias, it comes out in a good light in the end. Is a foam dust filter better than a nylon one? Read more “The Akasa GRM120-30 foam filter works better than it seems” »


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