What was in the puzzle photo? Sapphire RX 6900 XT Toxic LE

We may have overdone it a bit with that intensive zoom. The disproportion between your time spent on inspecting the photo and the number of correct answers was really big. However, we have the winner and the BeQuiet! fan will not stay in our editorial office. Some of you thought it could be the front panel of a PC case, as the grille in front of the fan suggested. But that was a catch, it was something different. Read more “What was in the puzzle photo? Sapphire RX 6900 XT Toxic LE” »

Giveaway: What’s in the picture? Win a fan from BeQuiet!

Back in 2019, we used to make an HWC puzzle series where we showed you a zoomed in photo of a PC component, and your role was to guess what it was. We will now return to this format, just for once. An unusual piece of hardware landed in our editorial office and we are interested in whether you can identify it from such a weird photo angle. We will send a BeQuiet! Silent Wings 3 PWM fan as a gift to one of you who comes with the correct answer. Read more “Giveaway: What’s in the picture? Win a fan from BeQuiet!” »

Evaluation of the competition for Noctua NP-H1.brown hoodies

We have good news for the two readers who took part in our fall competition. We’re sending them two Noctua hoodies for their proven activity and a little luck. And they are suitable for the current weather outside. If we didn’t draw you today, don’t despair, you may win in the future – there will be many more opportunities to win something at HWCooling and NP-H1 hoodies are, after all, also available in retail. Read more “Evaluation of the competition for Noctua NP-H1.brown hoodies” »

Competition, fall 2020: Which of Noctua products is the best?

Processor cooler, fan, thermal paste or some small accessories? We are curious, so we’re asking which of Noctua’s products is the most attractive from your point of view. It doesn’t have to be just the current piece of hardware, but also older components or, conversely, one still being planned for the coming period. Comment on your favorite and join the game to win a hoodie with Noctua theme. Read more “Competition, fall 2020: Which of Noctua products is the best?” »

The results of the spring competition. Air 2:2 Liquid

The voting is over and we know the names of the victors. Sharing and support on social networks played a significant role, so PR got a little boost too. Of course, it was on every participant where and how they promoted their rigs. We are pleased that the score between the air systems and liquid systems is equal. Although the absolute winner is a liquid cooling configuration. Read more “The results of the spring competition. Air 2:2 Liquid” »

Vote for the best rig in the spring competition!

The competition is really strong. It was impossible to choose just six rigs, which was the first plan, so we decided to give a chance to more people. There are fourteen champions, seven air systems and seven liquid systems. Every design is interesting and clever, with various original features. It’s going to be a tough choice, but we hope you will find your favourite one! Read more “Vote for the best rig in the spring competition!” »

Spring competition: trade a photo of your rig for a new motherboard

The long awaited motherboards with the Intel B360 chipset for Coffee Lake processors are finally here! We managed to acquire one attractive piece from MSI for our spring competition. You can participate by sending a photo of your rig with a brief description of the cooling design in it. The most interesting configurations will be appropriately rewarded. The board is the main prize, but there are also many quality fans in the game. Read more “Spring competition: trade a photo of your rig for a new motherboard” »

Competition – Winter 2017: The winners + thanks!

Here are the results. And this time without any testing of hardware. We have analysed your effort and chosen the winner whose contribution was the best. Also, there are three lucky persons that were randomly selected. Others who participated will have another chance to win something very soon, we promise. A big thanks to everybody for the support (also to people that did not participate in the competition)! Read more “Competition – Winter 2017: The winners + thanks!” »