Competition, fall 2020: Which of Noctua products is the best?

Rules and what is at stake...

Processor cooler, fan, thermal paste or some small accessories? We are curious, so we’re asking which of Noctua’s products is the most attractive from your point of view. It doesn’t have to be just the current piece of hardware, but also older components or, conversely, one still being planned for the coming period. Comment on your favorite and join the game to win a hoodie with Noctua theme.

How to play…

We probably won’t agree on the best product ever made by Noctua. For some it can be the dual-tower cooler NH-D15, for others a PWM controller NA-FC1 and the like. And maybe your only interest in Noctua are their fans? Which of them? Do you prefer cheaper Redux or do you save and pay extra for “Sterrox” models? Is there anyone among our readers who has a component that Noctua has already removed from the offer but still works flawlessly?

In each post, please write in the comments below the reason why you rate the specific product positively and why you recommend it to others. It will be absolutely perfect if you also state in what conditions (i.e. in which build with which settings) you use it which can be an inspiration for others as well. Every valuable post (and we believe that all posts:)) will be included in the draw for a symbolic award in the form of a hoodie Noctua NP-H1.brown. We have two, so there will be two winners. The first drawn can choose from two sizes – L and S, the second will be sent the remaining. Even the smaller S size will fit your wife, girlfriend, daughter or son well. And this year it’s only going to be colder outside, so it will definitely come in handy.

Let’s add some conditions, dates and deadline. Please direct the comments of the criteria to the discussion below this article. We will not consider the length in any way as long as the content meets the basic criteria listed above. This means that it is necessary to list the Noctua product that has somehow earned your attention the most, and to add why it is so, and we will leave the diversification of the post with some inspiring tips in which conditions it has proved to be the best to you. If you want to comment on this topic, but you are not interested in a hoodie, then of course you can, just write at the end that it is a non-competing comment. The deadline for competition comments is September 30, 2020, with the winners being announced on October 2, 2020.

… and what is at stake? Noctua NP-H1.brown

Fans of the company certainly did not miss the fact that Noctua released merchandising NP-H1 hoodies in their theme colors (brown and gray) and various sizes (S – 3XL). You can normally buy these hoodies for 50 euros. Although Slovak and Czech retailers do not sell them, there are plenty of them at all European Amazon branches. And especially, you can now compete for two of them at HWCooling.

In order not to pull the wool over your eyes, we tried on the hoodies ourselves and we also have a few observations. First of all, it should be noted that you will not be cold in them and in typical fall weather they will also replace your jacket. The hood is double-layered and has a particularly thick hem which is not quite common. And with the help of a robust drawstring, you can tighten it properly and insulate your neck well against the wind. As the hoodie does not have a zipper, it does not even push into the neck from below.

The absence of a zipper can, of course, also be considered a disadvantage. You cannot regulate your body temperature as needed, which is a typical problem for colder mornings and warmer remnants of the day. Therefore, it is advisable to repeat again that the hoodie is suitable for colder weather on cloudy days. The outer surface finish is also resistant to drizzling and does not leak. On the contrary, the inside is pleasantly fleecy. Thanks to the thumb holes (and tightened sleeves), the hoodie also keeps your hands warm. It seals well even under the belt, where it surrounds the body. Otherwise, it is a loose fit and relatively casual, so wearing it is comfortable. And it should be added that the large kangaroo pocket on the bottom is open on both sides.


The material composition is cotton (65%) and polyester (35%). The Noctua logo is on the front, right, and it is commendable that it is embroidered and will not be damaged easily. It will be worse with durability on the back, where the iron-on decal is. However, three wash cycles at the recommended temperature of 30 degrees Celsius did not damage the inscription “Premium cooling solutions by Noctua”. After a year or two of use, however, it may look different. One way or another, goods of this type are a high above average and this is a valuable hoodie.

So, the mini review of NP-H1 is behind us and you don’t forget to write in the comment what, from your point of view, Noctua has achieved the best in more than 14 years of operation. Maybe you will expand your wardrobe with the hoodie of your favorite cooling company. 🙂

English translation and edit by Lukáš Terényi

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  1. I really like their low profile fans. Their cpu air coolers are also very good, but I opted for an AIO water cooler, so I don’t really need one. The small form factor community holds their slim fans as the quietest and most powerful, which is a good crown to hold.

  2. I’d like to say the fans before they became other colors than brown and beige. The colors were not ugly, but very few builds fit those colors, and yet Noctua is a huge favorite among many people, and it’s because of the quality and performance of the products that comes from precision engineering, not the colors/looks.

    I do run a NH-U14S TR4-SP3 on my 2950X (and used to on my 1920X before that), and it cools the CPU without any issue like noise or high temperatures, even at high load over time.

  3. I’d have to go with Noctua NF-A14 FLX fan. I have 3 of them since 2014 and they haven’t skipped a single beat. Amazing cooling performance and utter silence even after 6+ years of almost non-stop usage. I use them as intakes and exhausts on my Define R5, which I keep right on the desk. I don’t know if anyone has their favourite PC part manufacturer, but the Noctua logo tattooed on my arm says it all.

  4. For me the Chromax Series is the best invention since sliced bread. Particularly the Noctua NH-U12S. I rate it so high first of all because of the beautiful all black look, it looks incredibly sexy. But honestly I recommend it for its performance, my PC have never been quieter and cooler. The leap in performance and acoustics after installing the NH-U12S was day and night, absolutely worth the price.

    This is my baby 🙂

  5. I think my favourite Noctua product is the NH-U12S. Great performance & great value air cooling! I especially like it since they introduced the black variant because for those of us who care about aesthetics it is so much more palatable! In general, they are my favourite air cooler manufacturer.

  6. Sit down, it’s story time…
    A few years ago i had a Q9650 with an awesome OC potential and the need of a good cooler to achieve the best results. The market was plenty of good coolers but only one was able to keep the beast on a leash on a 4,2Ghz in daily use: the Noctua NH-D14 (for my next setup i’ll buy the NH-D15 for sure). In 2019, with a mATX case, something smaller knocked at the door, the NH-U9S, a little, fresh, piece of joy for my i5 6500, small dimensions, big performances. So, from what i’ve tryied so far, these are the best Noctua products in my opinion and at least, but not last, the fans, silent and efficient. Many claps to Noctua!

  7. I really like the performance and versatility of the NF-A12x25 pwm fans. They work great as not only case fans but also as radiator fans. I think ince the Chromax version comes out, if ever, I think it will be a huge success. The high airflow and static pressure on these are unique which makes them so flexible. I will always choose Noctua products before even considering others. Always top notch quality.

  8. The NH-L9a-AM4 chromax has been a dream in my small form factor mini itx build. Its sooo small yes does a great job at cooling the Ryzen 5 3600. It performs extremely well in a sandwich style layout where is gets fresh cool air from a vented side panel. When paired with the 25mm thick fan, the vrm and chipset also get some fresh air across them. For cooling 65w tdp cpus, it works great.

  9. My favorite product is the NF-A14 pwm fans. They are amazing and instantly cooled my GPU by 10 degrees c. I love the colors, unpopular opinion but I love that they don’t match anything. I love that they kind of stick out and say hey look at me! I plan to get a cpu cooler product of theirs within the coming year. I love noctua, and don’t think I willl ever spend my money on any other cooling solution.

  10. I would argue that the best product would be the NF-A12x25 fans due to the fact that it simply is the best fan on the market and cant really be beaten in any scenario when you want a fan that operates with a low db and moves alot of air even if its as a case fan or CPU or GPU fan (will understand in the pic).
    It comes with all the accessories that you might need to put a bunch of the fans in one case such as the splitter and extension and low rpm adapter. What not to love.
    My build
    Noctua is the brand to keep this PC cool and quiet running a 8600k with NH-D15, and a modded mount on the heatsink of the GTX 1080 to fit 2 NF-A12x25 to show off that it rocks at everything.

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