System cooling in the spotlight. What to increase/decrease?

Do you know how many fans do you need and what speed they should run at to achieve the optimal cooling of your PC case? Is it better to induce positive pressure, negative pressure, or balanced airflow? Are four fans with less RPM more effective than two with more RPM? We can answer all these questions by providing you results of more than 70 tests which also include the monitoring of the heating of power supply circuit of CPU and GPU. Read more “System cooling in the spotlight. What to increase/decrease?” »

Spreading a thermal paste: how and how much?

A drop in the middle, a cross, spread it with finger, or use an old credit card to smooth it perfectly? Even simple things like applying a thermal paste under your cooler can be a bit tricky sometimes. Commonly used methods are seemingly different, and if you also consider batching, there comes a question of how to it to achieve the best results. Read more “Spreading a thermal paste: how and how much?” »