Ryzen Threadripper with Zen 3 – release date? August, reportedly

Ryzen Threadripper “Chagall” with the Zen 3 architecture

Zen 3 has been out for quite some time, but AMD has not yet announced a new high-end Threadripper version. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry anymore: Threadripper with Zen 3 is said to be delayed, but is expected to be released in the summer in 4–5 months. In addition, we also have good news for those interested in Ryzen with integrated graphics. Unlike the 4000 series, desktop APUs with Zen 3 cores are supposed to be commercially available.

It’s been 4 months since AMD released Ryzen 5000 processors with the Zen 3 architecture, even server Epyc 7003 processors based on this architecture have been released. Despite that we haven’t heard about a new high-end Threadripper derivative for the TRX40 platform. However, this does not mean that the product line, which has gained popularity since its release 3.5 years ago, is going to be abandoned. News about it has finally appeared. According to it, the Ryzen Threadripper 5000, allegedly codenamed Chagall, will probably be released in the second half of the summer. That means it is still a few months away, but it is coming.

“Improved detection of AMD Threadripper Pro and next-gen Threadripper” has appeared in the notes for the upcoming new version of HWiNFO64 (version 7.01) indicating that a new Threadripper generation has to be coming. It has also been mentioned by the leaker ExecutableFix.

In August?

The latest bit is a message from a Twitter leaker nicknamed KittyYYuko (previously, the leaker, at those times known as KittyCorgi or KatCorgi, proved to be relatively reliable in terms of Nvidia graphics cards leaks). This same Twitter account now reports that AMD is reportedly releasing a new Ryzen Threadripper in August. Clearly, these should be the “Chagall” models with Zen 3 architecture, which HWiNFO is talking about.

The date in August (up to 4–5 months) is probably further away than those interested in upgrading the TRX40 platform were hoping, at that time the original Threadripper 3000 will be on the market for almost two years (21 months). The reason for such a late release is not stated, but according to separate information from VideoCardz, the Zen 3-based Threadripper does not yet seem ready and its development has been hit with some setbacks and delays.

Connectivity of the TRX40 platform and Ryzen Threadripper 3000 processor

Threadripper 5000: problems encountered during development?

VideoCardz states that motherboard manufacturers do not yet have the AGESA code to support the Chagall Threadripper and seem to not have yet received any engineering samples of the CPU either. VideoCardz’s sources allegedly reported that the first ES samples did not perform as expected. But since motherboard manufacturers likely didn’t receive these samples from AMD, they don’t know much about them.

Performance problems could perhaps have something to do with Zen 3 being combined with IO chiplet that is running at a higher clock speed. In Epyc 7003 processors, this seems to have an impact on power draw and multi-threaded performance. Threadrippers also have their multi-threaded performance limited primarily by their 280W TDP, and if they can only manage a clock speed lower than what Threadripper 3000 can handle with the same number of cores withing this limit, then the performance increase compared to the previous generation will be limited. But aside from this potential problem, these processors should use the same CPU chipsets as the Ryzen 5000 for the AM4 socket and IO chiplets already used in Epyc 7002/7003, so hopefully there should be no major insurmountable problems that would completely prevent this generation from launching.

So if you want to get a Threadripper platform for work, or upgrade your existing one to the Zen 3 architecture (for example, due to higher single-core performance), you shoul have a chance around the end of the summer holidays.

Desktop APU with Zen 3 cores will come in June, and not only for OEM

By the way, the same source also states that the desktop version of the Ryzen 5000 APU “Cezanne” should be released in June, which we wrote about some time ago in the article about the Navi 23 GPU. This is reportedly still true, but now KittyYYuko has added more: that this release will also be available for regular customers and not only on the OEM market.

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While Ryzen 4000G with GPU was only dedicated to OEM and big manufacturers, Ryzen 5000G with the Zen 3 architecture is supposed to be generally available in retail. So the processors should normally be available to buy in stores, which was not possible with Ryzen 4000G. Of course, if the crisis of insufficient chip production still persists at that time, it could still prove to be a problem to find them in stock. But that would be a separate issue.

Translated, original text by:

Jan Olšan, editor for Cnews.cz

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