Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra vs. Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut

Coollaboratory is well known among the hardware enthusiasts, mainly thanks to its liquid metals. The model with higher thermal conductivity, Liquid Ultra, is commonly preferred with high power consumption chips, since their default compounds are usually of lower quality. To find out whether CLU still pays off, we put it to the ring with an opponent from the Thermal Grizzly workshop, with Core i5-7600K as the referee. Read more “Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra vs. Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut” »

Operation Kaby Lake: cooling the chip in 24 ways

Is it enough to replace the default paste, or should you consider choosing an uncompromising solution in the form of a liquid metal? Does it pay off to try your luck and decide to not use the heatspreader and give a chance to on-die cooling? You will find all relevant combinations in these tests. We also monitored the behaviour of a liquid cooler and a traditional air cooler with different cooling performances. Read more “Operation Kaby Lake: cooling the chip in 24 ways” »